Other Applications


  • Corrugated Cardboard: Tarps and screens used in the formation and drying of corrugated cardboard.
  • Food: Felts and screens for transport and manufacturing of food in general.
  • Tanneries: felts and screens for dryers, stretchers, presses and other equipment used in leather processing.
  • Filtration: technical fabrics for solid/gas and solid/liquid separation used in steel mills, cement plants, mining, aluminum, sugar and alcohol industries, petrochemicals, among others.
  • Fiber cement and transport: specific felts for fiber cement formation used in the production of roof tiles, gutters, downspouts, pipes and tanks. Canvas woven and cut to size.
  • Textile: special screens and felts for accordion, thermotransfer, dubbing, thermofixation, compacting and finishing calenders.
  • Nonwovens: special screens for spunbond, spunlaced, moltblow, wetlaid, and others.
  • Others: technical fabrics used in industrial washing machines, mdf, mdp and hdf factories, breweries, dewatering plants.